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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we all scream for...cake!

I feel cheerful just looking at these adorable cakes! To go skinny-budget,have your favorite baker create a mini-version, then serve cupcakes or slices of a tasty sheet cake (hidden in the kitchen) to guests. There's no need to give up your dream cake completely to keep your wedding skinny-budget! Other great options are a dessert bar, offering something for everyone! consider including beautiful petit-fours, delicious Italian mini-pastries, mouthwatering eclairs, even s'mores! Let your imagination (and your tastebuds) go crazy!

polka-dot and flowers cake by connections on the coast, florida 
(photo courtesy of

vintage-look cake by kreations cakes, vancouver, bc 
(photo courtesy of

do you love ranunculus flowers? I do! cake by regula's cakes 
(photo courtesy of

adorable birdcage-topped cake by cheryl kleinman 
(photo courtesy of

lime-and-white striped cake with orchids by cheryl kleinman 
(photo courtesy of

I love anything with daisies! 
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